Cookie Policy

What are Cookies?

When you visit sites on the internet they can place small text files, with ID tags that are stored on your device (computer/ mobile/ tablet) these are called Cookies.

Cookies allow websites to keep track of your movements whilst on the site, for example a shopping site can track what's in your shopping basket and provide functions to improve your shopping expe

Cookies are common and won't cause any harm to your device. No personally identifiable information is stored within cookies.

Your privacy is important to us, so we have made improvements to better explain how we handle cookies and how you can control the cookies that are stored on your device. These improvements are in line with the new EU directive on the use of cookies by websites.

What types of activity do we use cookies for?

Types of Cookies

There are two common types of cookies;

To find out more about cookies visit Cookies / First Party Cookies

Accepting and deleting cookies

To add products to the wishlist on you will need to have your cookies enabled. If you decline cookies you may lose some of the beneficial website functions of cookies. No personally identifiable information is stored within cookies. Therefore, we recommend you leave these turned on. To check if cookies are enabled on your device, please follow the steps below. Alternatively, view your browser's help pages or information on how to manage cookies at

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